Saturday, March 5, 2011

A long day not in the saddle

We came, we saw, we hit some jumps. Is it possible to slam any more cycling based excitement in one day? probably but it's still early season and need to pace yourselves, With the perks of a slightly longer than normal weekend I decided that I better put some sort of winter based activity in before being overwhelmed with tires and frames while dreaming of clear roads and single track. It may have been a last chance at it also as I wandered down to Georgian Bay for what could be, looking out the window at the pouring rain, be the last skate ski of the season. Yet again perfect conditions and this time there were no crashes or punching of more solid surfaces than my hand.

That's it winter is over now and that could be true because it's always persuaded by the start of the season with the Toronto bike show. Had I known what we were in for I may have approached the day a little different. I should have been opening the back door for the as i found out the celebrity of the show. The show was pretty good even in the new venue. Catching up was done with many, race plans were talked about, some rumors were not stopped but just altered. We continued along from spot to spot and everywhere we seemed to go there always seemed to be one extra in our group of 3, a mirror image of one of us. It wasn't Shannon or myself, we just have some provincial wide rumor that seemed to follow us. Mr. Watson seemed to be looking at himself everywhere we went, I even think the Trek Store used him in their ads and just airbrushed a different jersey on him. After a few hours of wandering and even buying stuff it was back to the SE-R limo, I apologize now sir Watson for not opening the door for you, again.

Destination 2, jumps and pump track. Of course this meant getting through the city on the tail end of rush hour. After a few minutes She had the great idea and we rerouted for what was the best burrito I've ever had, fuel was needed to be able to catch air. Traffic was still questionable, to make Sir Watson more comfortable I turned on the tv. There was a comment said, later that evening that comment was retracted. What did happen was yet another person becoming addicted to Top Gear, so much so that going to Joyride was almost stopped just so he could watch more. I'm an evil limo driver.

A few hours of playing around, Shannon worked on her technical riding, warm up for the 24 hour tag in August that everyone else has helped persuade her to do with me. For me, it was play time, a little this a little that. As I began to fade near the end of the night my March technical riding skills completely disappeared. Not before we found out that UCI will be incorporating wall rides into races this year. Sir Watson stepped up, I sat on the side lines. Some more Top Gear was watched on the return home. A long day, moving slowly this morning, I had that option, I wasn't attempting a ski race this morning in that snow killing rain. This could be the first time that I'm looking at the trainer and thinking it's the better way. HMMMM, that's a sick thought.

More thrills, spills and coffee tomorrow.

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