Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Waiting on Mother Nature to be nice

I'm up in the air right now on my thoughts for Sunday. The days are connoting down a lot faster than the inches of snow in the bush. My debate with myself is simple, I don't want to run with my bike I want to ride my bike. I did my mandatory required time of running a couple weeks back, actually i ran extra, there is a rule for cyclists. What ever the year is that is the total amount of running a cyclist must do that year. Example 2010, the 20 doesn't count it stays constant, it's the 10 that matters. that means last year I needed to run ten minutes, now being 2011 I had to do rack up a total of 11 minutes of running over the year. Well I did extra and there is a questionable answer about banking running minutes that I don't trust.

There have been some good updates on conditions out Mansfield way from some of the locals. They're big backyard is on par with mine and here Copeland forest and surrounding areas are still looking pretty much out of the question for riding. I'm currently planning around the race with a long ride the day before. I did the same last year, all for the greater plan. From why I understand things are a go no matter what the conditions may be, my debate is on the abuse my body whats to endure. 50km of riding, nothing, 50 km of hike a bike, no comment. Option B is skip the race and put in a good weekend of training, I'm feeling it will be a game day decision.

I found myself looking at last years training and comparing where I'm at this year versus last year. This is where racing something fun is always a bonus. On paper it's showing that I'm generally stronger with more hours put in during the winter than last year. Workouts are pretty much the same for top end stuff, of course none of that seems to mean much when riding on a trainer or racing on a xc ski trail. the triple P race did let me know that I'm in good shape but lack skate ski technique when at vomit pace. I'm good with that. As long as everything transfers over to playing on single track for hours on end which it should I'm feeling it should be another great race season. Hopefully.

Now melt dammit so I can play.

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