Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cleaning and cleaning house

That's it, he's off. Unfortunately not permanently but the short break for the Chuck Norris bike from the confines of the trainer vice and the caged door of the padded room was needed. A weekend pass was needed for the spring clean up. The scrub down is done, the old bar tap has been removed, the Powertap is reinstalled with much stealthy wire routing. The bike will be complete and ready sometime by the end of the weekend minus the new front wheel which is currently waiting on spokes. HINT HINT!!!

Of course all this is done with hopes of a venture outside, I've been told that just allowing the Chuck Norris to touch the driveway would melt all snow in it's path instantly, Chuck has powers like that. I fear the unknown, I'll be waiting on Mother Nature to do her job properly. Now would be a good time hint hint.

On a race note, team I'm to weak to do it myself is officially registered, one particular member has attempted to retaliate with a weak response of bad language and called both Jacob and I triathletes. Well sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt us but doing the weak thing on a team will haunt you around indefinitely on your permanent record. A triathlon type team, sounds like a reason for a big group hug and that is more than likely what you will find the three of them doing before the race. AWWWWW isn't that special.

So here is the plan, I'm not concerned about my race but I plan to do everything I possibly can to sabotage their race. With Andrew doing the ski part he will be the last resort, I'll figure something out during the race if need be but I figure it won't issue. It will be about the bike and snowshoe. So if Brandon goes first on the bike it will just be attempts to put his well over 200 pounds into the softest sections of the trail, simple but I'm hoping he will pick up the snowshoe section. The entertainment value for other's if Tristan leads off on two wheels, many have heard his 12 year old feminine scream, how many times can he do that in 5 km??? I'll be attempting to find out. He has this fear of being ridden to close two, of turns, of people braking hard in front of him. Let the fun begin!

As for Sir Watson, with all your royalty you resorted to the T word, shame on you

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