Monday, March 21, 2011

Pole, pedal, and pound

Followed by pain. First off, I'm not a triathlete and I don't try and play on on tv. I'm a do one sport at a time kinda guy but for the interest of fun and smack talk I had to be there. Conditions were perfect, just cold enough for the ski trail to be better cycling trails. Attempted to set up my transition area, Basically put everything in a pile and hoped it would work. Now with lots of time still before the race I really should have put in a nice easy long warm up, I didn't, instead I joined the MNS crew plus one in the chalet for more smack talk. After the race meeting and a lot of warnings and requests that all seemed to be directed at our little clan of terror we rolled out for a 6 minute warm up of what looked like a two wheeled version of roller derby. Our plus one member of the MNS crew for the day, the man of race organizing himself, Mr Sean Ruppel seemed to have started it with some straight arm ramming around our 300 foot course, this could be a sign of what's to come.

Lined up, the countdown is on, go. I did what I came to the race to do, I shut down Tristan in the first 2 feet as I cut him off on the start. From then on nothing else mattered. Stayed with the pack until the first steep climb swear Jacob and Sean put down a hard effort, screw that and just rode keeping them in sight for the next couple km. I everyone in a while started to look over my should to see what I had for a gap, it continued to open over the couple of known tri-guys behind me. I was going to need it. As I made my way towards the transition area I did catch a glimpse of something that didn't make sense, who is that heading out on the run . I knew who was ahead of me and even in my completely winded state knew something was off. Quick change into my snowshoes and I was off, I was even running. I continued to run. That strange sight from earlier was Brent, he missed a turn on the bike and missed a good part of the course getting ahead of me. We ran together, him letting me lead. I ran some more, with the odd short break. It wasn't that bad.

As we finished up the run part, I lied it hurt, I was sitting in third place which kinda shocked me at first. How is my skiing? A crap change over and a few pushes I almost fell over. Every stability muscle was confused and didn't want to work. I'm amazed that I didn't fall in the transition area. The training that was put in on Georgian Bay, not the same. It didn't take long for Jay to come around me on the climb, fast smooth skier who even if I was rested, only skiing and at my peak skiing fitness he would still kick my ass. The snow was just a little icy and in a few places it was downright scary, to say it was fast was an understatement. I skied as smooth as I could but the word blow up was on both legs mind. I did manage to cross the line in 4th, Brent was right in front of me but after his shorted bike section had me up one spot.

Some stories were told, food was eaten and groans were made. Up on the awards side of it, Sean walked away from us all, followed by Jacob and Jason Verma with me sulking on the 4th place stand which they didn't even make for me. As for the team divisions, there were two teams. 2nd went to a few old guys who were on drugs, first was one by Team 2 and a half men (formerly Team Awesome) If you see podium pictures you will understand. A great day in all with lots of stories to tell for the next month or until the next race.

Of course the weekend didn't end just there, swapped out all the tri stuff from the car. This is why I can't do them, the Altima limo is to small for all this stuff at once. loaded up 2 dogs, a road bike and Shannon and made our way south to the land of Peterbourgh for a visit, concert, hot tub and play. Play being a 3.5 hour road ride where I felt the thrills of the day before. To say my legs are sore is an understatement. My quads currently hate me and when they're down my calves will take their place. More on the southern adventures tomorrow.

One quick note, the cat, Douglas is now known as Dougless. Yep, as I shake my head.

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