Monday, March 7, 2011

Yet another adventure in the big back yard

Another weekend has come and gone, some quality play time and quality training time was put in. Some with a group, some alone. Finished up the weekend with a group snowshoe. The human factor was the minority this day as we trudged through the fresh snow in Copeland forest. Seems the rain didn't do as much damage as we thought it might. It's pretty deep in place easily coming up to the knees. It will be a few more weeks minimum before there will be two wheels rolling around there.

This was one of many times that we walked both in front and behind Sir Watson to protect him from the Copeland Cougar.

For added protection we brought dogs, a lot of dogs.

Then we found dogs, for our dogs to recruit. A very entertaining hike near the end. Unfortunately no cougars were seen during the hour and a half we were out.

I'd promised Shannon that we would see cougars today, I know where they are, very much like how I used to say could find the berms and never could. Because I failed at producing even a cougar track she figured that I should ride home and think about false promises of mythical animal spotting. It was lucky I learned this early, I was going to tell her I know where there are a couple unicorns. As my ride rolled away I was left with old faithful. I had this feeling it was going to be a messy ride, for some reason the winter bike was in the trunk and was up for the task.

The sun was out, the roads were clear, ummm no they weren't. It was an illusion for how nice a day it was to ride outside. My trip north towards home was greeted with a north headwind which pretty much destroyed and stomped on any sense of warmth that the sun was producing. It became another one of those head down, fingers tucked inside the mitts, turn the legs for survival type rides. The conditions were perfect for the roads to be somewhat melted which meant a rooster tail from the tires getting me wet. It lead into my booties having chunks of ice collecting on top, the back of my legs feeling like they were frozen to my tights and what felt like an icicle in my ass. It was hard breaking when your hands a curled up in a fist, but there is a skill for it. For some reason though I couldn't seem to get the back brakes to work.

An hour and a half of this pretty much killed the will to do anything else but sit int he sunroom and thaw out. The 10 minutes that I was inside changing was all it took for both wheels to freeze, the bike rejected any more thoughts of forward motion. I'm sorry for abusing what used to be my go to bike for those long rides, now it's just my use and abuse with no thank you's bike. It's currently sitting in the bike wash waiting for some attention.

I wondered why my ass felt frozen, there was an icicle coming out of it, all the way down the seat.

Another block of training down, some chill time is coming, some bike tuning to do. The Chuck Norris bike needs to be ready for outdoor thrills. Maybe if I make him ready Chuck will judo chop Mother Nature into spring. Something needs to be done.


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