Friday, April 8, 2011


It seems that rest weeks are not as long as a training week. It's already Friday, the body is starting to feel better but the time running out before I start to abuse it again. Something to be said about racing, especially the important ones where there is some chill time before and then some good recovery after. To say I'm getting anxious to start racing is an understatement. Training is boring, racing is fun.

It's funny that time is flying when it comes to training but the race season still seems so far away and seems to only be moving at a snails pace. We are still a few weeks out before the first o cup and well over a month away before doing what I do best. I hate to tell time to speed up, life moves pretty fast, sometimes you need to stop and look around, thanks for the reminder Mr. Bueller, but right now the things I want to move fast aren't and the things I don't want are. Maybe I should be researching Mr. Newton's laws to find out why things don't seem to be in a constant.

Way to much science for this early in the morning, I need coffee that seems to cure everything, for a minute or two. The weekend is shaping up, some excitement for me, some excitement for you.

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