Thursday, April 14, 2011

The return to something good

I'd almost forgot how much fun it is. It also reminded me that I could never train to race road when I know what lies in the woods. A solid training ride on the road before our little adventure reminded me of this. A little adventure to Midhurst forest, the sight of many MNS rides.

This was a little test for everyone. For me a return to singletrack, yes I was smiling and for Shannon, it was her first time in the trails in a while. It was also some animal testing. the Molly Monster showed the young one how to set pace for the rides and in some cases was much more energetic at the end.

I will say that it was riding strange riding these trails, I do believe it was the first time I've ever been there during the daylight hours and put things into more perspective. Most rides are under the cover of darkness and follow the leader. Lots of fun, happy to be in the trails again, I do believe that could be my riding option for the net little bit. I'm wondering what the big backyard is like. HMMMMM

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