Saturday, April 14, 2007

And the air is just right for ....... riding

It was finally a nice day and I took advantage of it. Spent 3 and a half hours on the road bike today. Had the bonus of doing an hour of that with the Tri club. They had a shorter ride planned. The sun was out and it was only a couple degrees above freezing and windy but hey it wasnt snowing.

I rode the first hour alone before the club met up and kept things in the low zone 4 high zone 3. Wanted a good warm up and this still kept my at a 28 average. We had a great turn out for the first ride with 15 people. The bonus was a few of the strongest riders locally were there. Gave me a chance to see where I was based off the others. I still think it will be Brien and I battling it out for top place again this year. Climbing will be the tough one since we both have different styles and accelerations. On the route today we had a few 15-18 percent grades so we say who had their climbing legs and whos been drinking beer and eating mcdonalds.

After an hour with the club they split off to head back. They only had a 55 km ride and I wanted more. Well I got it and continued on to Coldwater. There are a few awesome climbs on the way. From there i started back home with some reroutes to add some extra k's. In the end I finished up at 96k's and held a 28.6 average. Not bad considering the wind and all the climbing.

In the end say some great numbers with my Garmin. I've raised my max HR again this year and now sit at 211. Starting to scare myself. I thought things are supposed to slow down as you got older. The legs felt great but I did have a bit of numbness in my left foot. I know that I have slacked a bit on the stretching department in the last couple weeks. I'll definatly be watching it and being more proactive. I have a massage on Friday and will have Cindy fix me up. Well weather permitting (no snowstorm) I will get out for a 2 hour ride tommorow morning. For now its a mellow night on the couch.

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