Monday, April 30, 2007

At the Half

So Sunday was a pretty cool day. It was the last day of my recovery week but still got some mileage in. Yesterday was the Huronia Half Marathon and 10 k race. No I didn't run it. I haven't run in a couple months now. I did help out by being on the course with my bike. It was actually good training cruising to the back of teh pack then sprinting to the front for differnet check points.

Alex won the event with an amazing time of 1:18. As your aware this is a hilly area and this race is no different. There are 3 major climbs of well over a km each. The Tri club did really well taking a good precentage of the top spots.

My body is feeling better this morning. Sunday morning my back was just screaming. After the ride saturday I started working on the backyard theatre and being hunched over for a couple hours took its toll and I had to take an advil that morning. After the race I was back in the yard again. Have the whole system up and running now and I should be watching movies outside this weekend. Thats good that I will have something mellow to do because I'm ramping up my distance again. Should be at around 6 hours for staurday and hopefully 3-4 hours mountain biking sunday.

So the numbers for the ride. 25 km distance at 1 hour 13 minutes. So yes it sounds slow but as I said earlier it was all out sprints or almost a dead stop. The final 14km were basiclly a time trial with my heartrate at 184 for just under 20 minutes. ITs back at it this week. Still keeping my fingers crossed for my bike this week.

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