Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ready to play

Well its saturday morning and with a relaxing Friday night I'm anxious to get out and ride today. Guess what, that mean lady of all last week is treating us to some sun. Its still a little shilly but I like riding in the cold. The legs feel pretty good this morning but will do a short yoga season a couple hours before I ride.

Its just after 7 am and I'm on a second cup of coffee. 10 years ago the house would have to be on fire for me to be up at this time. Summer comes I'm up when the sun is up. I love being on the bike at 6 am when others are still sleeping. Its like they made the roads just for me.

The club is set to meet for 11am and have a 50km loop planned. I'm adding an hour before and atleast an hour after their loop so should I should finish up around 110-130km for the day. Brent is planning on doing the 2nd half of my ride with me. He is pretty motivated and I think deep down he wants to beat his older brothers this year. I can see it happening. There are no stinky helmet awards for this ride. Dam!!!! Well I can see us adding a sprint of 2 in just for fun. See where everyone is at. HEHEHEE I've doing some sprint training.

Well time to start moving, sun is shining.

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