Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Well after almost 2 weeks of crap weather and snow I finally got a outdoor ride It felt great. Just under 2 hours and kept the pace down. Average heartrate was 150 and only touched the top zone 4 a couple times. It ws pretty good oveall. I rode with a yonger guy from the Tri club. He will be a fast rider in the future.

So a quick product review. Everyone needs one of these things. I purchased a Garmin 305 gps. This thing is awesome. At close to $400 it isnt the cheapest thing but if you start to think of 3-4 wireless bike computers and a heartrate monitor the price doesnt sound to bad. I've yet to use all of the features but just even the basic stuff is awesome. heartrate, gps map, speed, elevation and grade to just mention a few. Its also great to be able to track what your body was doing according to the grade etc. You can also program trainig courses and the unit will tell you where to turn and at what pace etc. Definatly look into on.

Well if the weather agrees I'll do my TT route tommorow. Time to relax

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