Thursday, April 12, 2007

The story of the tri club and Matt

Ok so I know its strange that I'm a member of our local Tri club and yet I have no motivation to do a triathlon. Well there are lots of reasons for this. The first is they are a great group of people to train with. One bonus is the number of Ironmans in the club. Its great becuase locally these are the only people used to putting in huge distance training rides. Makes it a bit less lonely for me with company. The next addition to this was the fact that I started running last fall.

One of the members joked that they would start a tri event for me. It would be the bike, bike then bike event. Hey I'm game. I was only into the bike at that time. Well at the end of the season I wanted that break from the bike so normally its prep for x-c skiing. Ya well the evil #(%*@ mother nature had her own ideas this year. Sorry I actually like mother nature and its our generations enviromental impact that has turned her into the evil b(t$h. Well when November came and went with next to nothing for snow and started into december I figured why not start running. Now one of my favorite sayings before this was "there is no coasting in running thats why I bike" doenst come out of my mouth anymore. I have to admit that I do enjoy it. Plus there are some great perks to it for cardio training. Its very easy to stay within a a couple beats for zone training.

Now the running was just a secondary thing. I've been riding with most of the club members for a couple years. We have a small community of multisport athletes. When I say this I dont mean tris, its that people play more than hockey and baseball. It seems to be the same core people that run, ski, bike etc so I figured why not join the club. Some of the extra with it are the social events. Hey gotta have a recovery day and if it includes beer well count me in. We have had wine tasting evening already which runs as a close second.

Well tonight was another bonus with the club. We learned about some of the mechanics of the body. We had some demos involving power training etc, There were a few things i will bring to my training but it was great to hear different inputs. We have a deep diverstiy of coaches and years of experience including an age group world champion which is amazing considering how small our commnity is. Its also made some of those early season roller season much more enjoyable with some group spins. Now the bonus is some pretty cool looking jerseys and like we all know you can never have enough clothing. I'm kicking myself for now ordering more.

So as you can see being a club member has some great rewards. The moral of the story, join up, have fun and meet more crazy people with the same interets.

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You write very well.