Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I dont hate the weather as much

Well I managed to sneak my ride in bafore the storm hit. That wind was mean but just means resistance training. I was happy with my ride and the pace I mantained. I use this same route as a body check. its a great route of 25km with 4 awesome climbs, one is at at 18 percent and a couple at just over 10 percent.

The first MCC and Tri club group ride is saturday. It will be nice doing some pack riding again. It really helped my training and my motivation for those long training days. I'm going to stick with the came plan as last year since it worked awesome. Ride for an hour or so before the club meets up and ride at least an hour after. As the group increases there distances so do I. This week should end up around 4 hours. Its great also mixing it up with the town line sprints and hill top sprints. Its great, we keep score and its amazing what types of stratgies start happening amongst ourselves. Certain people low on the points wont get chased down where others even stand up everyone is on edge ready to go. Last year I finished 2nd, this year were looking at mixing it up and keeping seprate points for climbs and sprints. This could be interesting.

I'm a little disappointed though. Got that call i didnt want to hear. There is another day with my TT bike. Time Trials start start teh first week of May and right Giant is pushing close to that for delivery. I'd like to have about a week to spend with setup also. There will be alot of playing around. Awww need to stop thinking about its pretty carbon frame!!!

Come on warm weather and sun. Gotta work on those jersey tan lines!!!!!!!!


Josh said...

Good blog, Matt - fun to read and very well written.

Don't forget to bring your Garmin and laptop over sometime...well get you all set up with the various programs.

Craig said...

Must be nice to get out and ride! Still sick - fuggin cold.