Monday, April 30, 2007

back at it

Ok recovery week is over, back to work. Mondays are a rest day for me but my rest days mean I'm not on the bike. Usually its upper body workout and yoga. Tonight I wanted to get the legs warmed up before yoga so went for a quick 2.5 km run. Brought my training partner tonight who I'm sorry to say is a bit out of shape since skiing has ended.

Molly gets out for lots of hikes but today she was pulling up the rear. Considering that I havent run since the winter was shocked that I ran the 2.5k in 12 minutes. Got back and did my normal weight routine and 40 minutes of yoga. Another good day.

So week one of the Midland Tri Club Time Trials starts tommorow night. Because my new TT bike isnt here yet I said I would do timing for the first week. Unfortunatly the weather is supposed to be crap. The only day of rain so maybe I had some alternative thoughts by timing instead of riding. Molly likes it because she gets to see everyone from the club.

I havce to congratulate everyone at the Huronia Half Marathon. Great job everyone, the Tri Club brought home many of the top spots and a whole lot of meat. One of the sponsers donates chicken and burgers for the winners. I guess they figure they need to put on a few pounds.

On a cool note, the outdoor theatre is ready to go and I will be testing it out this weekend. The projector arrives on Thursday. Still trying to figure out what the first movie should be. Any suggestions

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