Thursday, April 19, 2007

I love mother nature

So after all my recent commments about her I apologise. She is making up for a crappy start to April with an amazing finish. It was a easy ride today on a pretty much flat course. I had the chance to add a new route to my list of fun rides. Ridge road and Lakeshore along Lake Simcoe are fantasitic. Its not a long run and only took me an hour to do 33km without a major push in heartrate.

I definatly want to incorporte this run into a loop from Midland to Barrie to Orillia back home. Should be around 150-160km with out alot of major climbing. Great base route. I should be up at that distance in a couple weeks where I'm maintaining a 30plus km/h average.

So I broke a cleat on my shoe last week and talk about a pain. I run Look road pedals and I think thats the only reason I can still use them. Dave has 2 new sets of pedals along with cleats coming in for me hopefully tommorow. The crack in the clip does limit me on sprints and really powering up hills but could be worse, Atleast I'm not switching around shoes and pedals so I can train.

Well its an early morning for me tommorow. I have a massage WOOOHOOO. Someone grabbing my bum, as inticing as that sounds it actually hurts like hell. Well atleast the short term. Its a rest day for me tommorow also. Right now I'm at 7 hours of riding this week and 180 km. Saturday should be around 110-130 km roughly 4-4.5 hours. Sunday will be a 2-3 hour ride possibly on the mt bike.

keep the rubber side down

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