Sunday, April 22, 2007

The company you keep

You are only as fast as the company you keep. As bad as that sounds its very true. As an individual rider you can do lots of workouts on your own but it is very difficult to push yourself over the hump to the next level. Having the right people to ride with can make a huge difference. If you want to be fast, ride with the faster riders.

When I was teaching alpine skiing i would find that in prime times for leasons where all I seem to do was lower end skiers my own skills deteriated. This is the same with cycling, if you ride with slower riders you will get slower. This is where I'm lucky. This is a short list of some of the people I train with and names that will always brought up.

Tim B. Ironman tri guy and local TT fast guy. Just a power house all around rider.

Brien R The strongest rider in the area. overall O cup mt bike winner, solo racer and just a monster for power. You want to hurt try and attack him on a hill.

Kevin M The guys legs are as big as my waist and knows how to use them. Doesnt race for certain reasons but would probably be in the top placing if he did.

Alex K Another awesome tri guy. Wins or places on the podium in just about every tri he enters. Skinny bugger climbs like he was on the flats.

Brent K The little brother who continues to get stronger as he gets older. Has been training with me lately and is learning to suffer well. He will be a monster in a few years.

Phil E Another Ironman and top finisher in most tris he enters, Also a physio guy so great guy to pick the brain of.

Aaron C Not much to say about this guy but Freak of Nature. He has been on the podium in every event he enters, doesnt matter the sport. We all think he has 3 lungs. Was offer pro status and a job as an adventure racer.

Brandon P Another younger powerhouse. Fast TT rider. He still does some rookie mistakes like drinking way to much the night before a big ride. We all did it.

This is just a short list of some of the main riders I get to play with.
As for my ride today. It was great. 2.5 hours 77km at 30.4 km/h average. A little flatter route today but if you have ever been to the area of Georgian Bay nothing is really flat. Hell I have a 17% climb in the first km just to get out of the town. Heartrate was kept down at base pace with a 153 and only hit 183 on one of the climbs. Unfortunatly it was a solo ride today with some at the Paris Ancaster race and others doing the last prep for the half marathon next weekend.

Its a recovery week for me next week, Not sure what I will do with all the extra time. I've heard rumors that my Giant Trinity is now in Canada. Keeping my fingers crossed. Well now time to play out in the sun. Oh wait I already did!!!!


Craig said...

I'm going to have to come back up your way for some training rides with you and your buddies!

matt said...

Anytime you want to come down the house is always open. Are saturday rides are the awesome