Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mother nature is an evil @#$&^

I can't belive this. They have called for another storm for this afternoon. Up to 10cm of snow. This is not fun. I've heard from my sister and my friends out east in the Ottawa area teasing me with clear roads. Well what can you do but deal with it. As long as its not to crazy when I get home tonight I will still ride. I'll still do the planned route. Its only a 45 minute all out effort so weather its cold and rainy doesnt make a difference. It hurts regardless.

Well the Tri club team uniforms are in. Should be a sweet addition to to my gear. I know that one of this times they crew will get me in a pool. I make look at doing a duathalon near teh end of the season or possibly a team tri with me on the bike. Thats still months away.

This weather is really not helping the trails. I would like to get some off road training in the near future. Well maybe another week. Tonight I may have to put some skis on the road bike.


Anonymous said...

Duathlons are for wusses that are scared of the water. Go for the full tri.

matt said...

I can run and I can ride. I only like swimming in a hot tub!!!
I'd have to find a cure for this 24 hour addiction before I get into swimming