Thursday, April 26, 2007

just a mellow day

I kinda took the night off from training. I was able to get home a bit early so made a run to a friends lumber mill. I've got a few things happening in the backyard this spring including an outdoor movie theatre and hot tub and needed the rough sawed pine for the facing. This is the reason I took it easy tonight. After first loading then unloading to the backyard eighty two 12 foot 1x6 I figured I didnt need to spend to much time with the weights.

Spent around 30 minutes on the rollers at a base pace level. Didnt even bother with the monitor since this was more to soften things up to stretch. Not much else has changed. Dave has been talking to Giant to find out whats happening with my Trinty Time Trial Bike. Its sounding like I should see it come in sometime next week. On a good note Dave has the new fixed wheel under construction for my track bike. I broke the other wheel last fall (dont ask) and it will be something fun to play with. I dont use it to much because of its limitations and the fact that its so hilly around here. But hey can't have enough toys.

Well I figured I would put up some stats of where I'm at so fat this spring

Age: 33 for all of 1 more week
Height 5'11
Weight Off 170
Body fat % I'm in my 30's I dont care
Resting Heartrate 49bpm
Max Heartrate 211bpm
TT Heartrate 187
Happy place Heartrate: 165 to 175 Can ride in this zone forever
Favorite event: Love any 8 hour solos Can hammer the whole thing
Best results 3rd 24hr Tag Team Largest event in north america
4th 12hr solo London
6th 8hr solo Albion Hills
Usually in the top 10 in every race entered
Reason I ride: Because I can

I don't feel bad about not getting outside today. The reason, its freezing. That and its started raining just before I got home. Need to have an extra rest day from time to time. Speaking of rest. NIGHT!!!!

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