Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Like night and day

Talk about a tempature change!!! After a beautiful weekend we are back to April weather. The wind was pretty relentless tonight but I've stopped hating wind. I just think of it as resistance training. Picked up Brent for the ride tonight. He was far from 100% after his ride with the group last night so he spent most of the time in my draft when we were on the flats. I didnt mind.

It was a pretty mellow ride even considering the route. Up the Gervais road to Vasey line then returning along hwy 12. Its a great little climbing route with flats on the way back even though it was into the wind for the return 20km. Heartrate was down to 146 average. Average speed was 29km but had the bonus of the one decent maxing out at 76 km/h. What goes up gets to have more fun coming down!!!! I love speed!!!!!!!

It was a cool ride but the legs felt good and having this recovery week hopefully will pay off over the course of the race season. Its supposed to turn crappy tommorow and I may get stuck on the rollers. Well means more time stretching and weights. Till the next day

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