Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I think the snow is gone for good

Well it was just another day when it came to training. I kept it light tonight with only an hour of road and some weights. Even at a light pace pulled a 29 km/h average with everything in the zone 3 area. This was evcen with climbing. Overall I'm really happy where my riding is at considering how early it is in the season.

So a few things have occured to me. Power bars suck!!!! I swear it takes more energy to eat the dam thing than what gets tranfered to the legs. Aww well since I can't eat pasta while riding I'll have to suffer with them along with my gels. Another big one. The icebreaker is such a distructive race to equipment. I got the race bike back from Dave on the weekend. He nagged me again about how hard it is on things. He basiclly stripped the bike right down to clean everything. I knew it need it though. I'll hopefully get out on the trails in the next week or two to test things out. As for the icebreaker next year it will definatly be on a cross bike if its the same conditons as this year. There should have been seperate catagories for cycocross bikes and mountain bikes. Awww lets deal with that next year.

Josh helped me out with a couple more websites for my Garmin 305. Ok I love this thing even more. The fact that I can download maps with topo to show climbs along with real world mapping. I'm also using a program that can document wear and tear on the bikes along with other equipment. For anyone with the Garmin you need to go to SportTracks.com

Spent nearly 2 hours stretching yesterday. Everything felt better this morning so I need to stay on top of things. I have a massage on Friday but we are limited on time to fix everything at once. We will probably work on the glute med and hamstrings. Both IT bands are acting up but the si nerve is the priority. For anyone one racking up big miles. Recovery is so important. Active recovery is evcen better. Easy rides at sub zone 1, yoga, stretching etc will make you a faster rider. I've seen way to many riders overtrain, hell I've done it myself. Off course its easy to say, sometimes you need to learn the hard way with injury. I'f I really wanted to heal I would need to take a full year off from all activites. UMMMM , not an option. The way I'm training things are progressively getting better and it will probably take another year or 2.

Keep you fingers crossed for the sun.

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