Sunday, April 15, 2007

so it happened

Ok so I've been waiting for this. Its not like I wasnt expecting it to happen. I got asked to do Trans Rockies. So for those that dont know. This is the ultimate for endurance mountain bikers. Its a 6 day 600km race from one side of the rockies to the other. Its also a world ranking. Ya i know, holly shit. I will say that I have been trraining for this and knew it would happen.

the guy that saked me is a well establiched adventure racer with an awesome list of finishes. He also has bailed on alot of races. Trans Rockies is a tough race and you need a teammate who can ride at the same pace. with this race you must hit every checkpoint with your partner. I've mentioned the race to Rick My 24 hour tag team partner but we kinda agree that it wouldnt work. I'm alot fast in a single day race so it would be hard on both of us. There are a couple people that I can see a potential to do this with. One of those is someone i think will be one of my biggest competition.

The big thing with Trans Rockies is the costs. The event itself is easy, the fact that its a hayday for advertising sponsers dig in. This is where the teammate come in. I'm pretty set where I am for sponser with a few new potentials coming in. Working on that full sponser with Giant as we speak.

So what to do. Well I figure I havce a ong season ahead and I will see where things go. I havce set some pretty high standards for this year. Tag I want on the podium again for sure and I would like a podium finish in an 8 hour solo. With those I think i can setup even more sponsers. I'm not thinkning to far ahead but I will see after the first 8 hour goes on my setup fo the following year.

Oh by the way. Had a great 2 hour ride today. Base pace with lots of climbing. I was very happy with it. Tommorow is a rest day which means yoga and weights for upper body.


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