Saturday, April 28, 2007

you are what you eat

Ain't that the truth. Todays ride felt like crap. Couldn't keep the heartrate down at all. Now there were a few times that the group brought the pace way up but still overall everything felt like crap. I'm not trying to make excuses for the ride at all. It was pretty good by the numbers 80 km 29km/h average. now that bad part average heartrate was 165 and I spent almost 50 % of that ride at over 170. Now its a great place for my training but it wasnt fun.

Tim being the carrot with the food jersey

My legs felt really heavy and dead today. Now I did have a massage yesterday and had both i.t. bands worked which could definatly be a factor. The next was the meal before the ride. Not my normal preride meal. I was lay and went out for breakfast for a change and the grease got to me. The 3rd factor, beer. Yes my favorite beverage was my worst enemy today. I think I didnt take the word recovery in recovery week serious enough. There were a few highlights to the ride like the 18 percent climbs coming out of the beach. Even being off I still could climb really well. I also did a break away from the group out on cedar point road. That was fun. Averaged 48 km/h for 10 minutes and the group couldnt catch me.

Need to do a bit of a clean up on the bike though with a bit of rain coming down. A few squeaks to take care of.

The final climb of the day.

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Go oil your chain, squeaky!