Sunday, April 22, 2007

What a day

What an amazing day Saturday. It was perfect for riding. Actually it was perfect for everything. Well it was the next ramp up day of training. 5 hours on the road bike. It was really good.

I left at 9 to get a couple hour in myself before meeting up with the group. Kept my pace pretty mellow at around 28km/h average with a nice steady head wind. Had some new pedals and cleats to deal with and Had to stop once to get the cleats repositioned. I love them now though.

Hooked up with the group at 11. They had a great climbing route planned for the first hour and a half. With a loop out to Moonstone I knew there was some work ahead. I was amazed how well the legs felt considering I already had 2 hour in. Kevin, one of the strongest sprinters decided to hammer near the end of the climb. I'd just finished my pull and had rolled to the back of the pack. I could see him sneaking aroudn a couple guys and then stand. Lothar saw him also and was already swinging to the outside of the pack. Well I can't let two people go with out a fight. It was great. Went by Lothar like he was standing still then pulled up beside Kevin and teased him by starting a conversation as we sprinted. All he was doing was breathing. My legs still had more. The winter training has be a real benefit.

We regrouped continued on to Moonstone. There are some sweet long climbs out this way. I checked my gps after the ride and we climbed steady for almost 20km with only one real decent in that. We got out into the flats of Elmvale for the return back to town. Out on baseline Tim broke his chain. The guy has so much power Its amazing it doesnt happen more often. The final climb of the ride was on Marshall road. This last section of road has something that appears to be pavement. I think dirty has less rolling resistance. Aaron and Brent decide to take each other on. The yelling from the pack was hillarious. Aaron can pretty much blow everyone away at any given time. Either way Brent went and did awesome. Its a 14% grade and 2 km long. I was happy that even with over 4 hours of riding I was 3rd to the top. From there everyone split off home.

At the end of the day it was 130km at just over 4.7 hours. I'm not to concerned with average speeds when I'm in the group because of the slow pacing so we can regroup after climbs. Its nice having the group to ride with, makes those long rides easier. With that nice sun out though already have the funny tanlines starting. Could be worse, could be raining.

I was really happy how I felt after it all. A bit sore but overall not to tired. I was still moving around afterward. Today is a shorter ride. Roughly 2.5 to 3 hours and I'm planning on getting out early so I can enjoy as much of the day today.

Spring is s finally here!!!! Hopefully it stays

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