Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Another day of play

Well I walked in the door from work, let me rephrase that. I flew into the house to start getting ready to ride. The sun came out, almost had forgotten what it looked like. Gave a quick call to Brent to see if he wanted to ride and was more than willing. Five minutes later I was basiclly rolling.

It was a great ride. The wind was strong but with the sun, WHO CARES!!! Did one of my favorite routes for climbing. Starts out with a 30km run that is pretty flat and great to get teh legs warmed up. It was a bit slower tonight because of the headwind but still a nice run. Then comes teh fun. Coming out of Coldwater on to Vasy line is basiclly 4 km climb at a average of 10 percent grade. To top it off, the pavement sucks, feels like glue and lots of cracks to wreck momentum. Now thats not the only climb After a cool decent hitting just shy of 75 km/h its back to climbing with long rolling hills. Then there is the return down the oldfort road. Awesome pavement and steep hills.

So it was 30 k of floats 30 k of climbing. Brent did really well. He is still young so lots of time for him to get stronger. I know a couple of the big hills really knocked the crap out of him but he recovered quick. For me it was a nice ride I kept the heart rate out zone 5 but still was smoking up the hills. Thats a very good thing. So in all it was 70 km for my at 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Tommorow I have the opportunity to ride down near Barrie on ridge road. I have a manufacture product update tommorow near Orrila so I've go teh road bike in the work truck. It will be a short hard ride. Its completely flat so I will mix in a short time trial along with some tempo ride. I so want my TT bike!!!! Come on Giant, screw team T-Mobile and give me mine first!!!!! I know I'm impatient but everyone is asking about its. Gotta love first year production sometimes.

Sun is shinning get out and RIDE!!!!!!

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