Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Not enough hours in the day

Ok so its 9:30 pm and I just ate dinner. I need to either become a pro athlete and get paid to train or independently wealthy and not work. That or a bum with alot of cool gear and no place to live. We had the first time trial tonight and with the killer rain coming down I have to admit that I wasnt all that upset that I wasn't riding. It was a small group tonight with only 8 riders showing up. The rain and the cold have a tendency to scare most into the house. Normally we have 30 plus riders. Well there is always next week.

We finished up around 7:30 ish after getting a group pic of who was out. By then the rain had stopped and I had a quick outdoor ride with hill repeats since the rain finally stopped. Well that changed when Alex decided to bail on his ride home and through his bike in the car. I don't blame the guy, his legs were still pretty much toast from the half marathon 2 days earlier. Well by the time I drove him home and then got back to the house it was after 8 and the light was pretty much gone. Said screw it and pulled out the roller and spun for 30 minutes. Better than nothing.

Well things shold be back to normal tomorrow, I hope. I'll be out alone tomorrow and spend a fair bit of time in the hills. Gotta ride, Gotta love them!!!!!

The boys that showed up, even Molly got in the picture

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