Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Those fair weather riders

It was the Tri Club Time Trials tonight. HMMMM for some reason people just don't like to ride when its not 75 degrees and sunny. It did rain on and off during the trials but nothing to really whine about. I was feeling not to bad tonight considering the weekend riding. Lower hamstring is a bit tight right at the knee joint but I have a massage at the end of the week and that should be resolved.

Last week we had over 30 riders, this week maybe 10-12. People, you never know what the weather will be like when your racing so you might as well train in every condition. There were a few of the fast guys there atleast. I lined up last since Brandon wasnt sure if he was going to push hard or not. Ya well he pushed and I figure he got 20 to 30 seconds on me by the end of the course. He had 10 seconds at teh half way point. Its very much an individual thing but we still like to chase that carrot!!! All told it was a bit slower with the wet roads, I had a 36 km/h average. Total time on the bike was 55 minutes with warm up and cool down. average heart rate was just shy of 180 during the TT. I know it felt low.

I was a bit draggy driving out to the event. I'm really counting down till hoilidays next week. Its been crazy at work and trying to get everyone fixed before shut down has been trying. 3 more days.

I'm going to have a hot epson salt bath after I eat. The legs deserve a treat. Its mountain biking tomorrow, another hard push.

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