Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Kinda sorta holidays

Well I'm on holidays and Im also having my first rest day off the bike before the race. hmmmm I think I worked harder today than a normal work day. The deck extension and new stairs down this afternoon. It took a bit longer than I though but it reall does make diference. Now I can finally repaint the deck. That will be later this summer.

All the bikes are at Georgian Cycle getting tuned. Dace is going to help with some fitting of the TT bike. Its hard to see what the legs are doing and as much as I can feel the most minute differences I want to get closer to the perfect spot a lot faster.

So what else did I do today, well I'm doing it. I'm in the back yard watching a movie. Tomorrow will be definatly more relaxed with a couple hours dedicated to yoga and stretching. Same with Friday.

Craig emailed me and is now going to crash here for the race weekend. Poor guy is going to be on his single speed. The weather has been amazing all week and its looking like a great weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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