Thursday, May 24, 2007

36 hours and counting

THe race is getting close, I think I would rather just get to it. Sometimes the waiting is harder than the race itself. I pretty much have all my crap in order. Will pack the race bin in the morning while having a coffee. Both bikes are perfect, well the race bike is a little muddy.

My legs were really tight today and couldnt get them stretched out. Best cure, go for a ride. Nothing to technical, mainly double track with a few short single track sections but its exactly what I needed. 20 minutes in things started to feel the way they should. It will get a good cleaning and lube tomorrow. The car is ready for 3 bikes, 3 people, 1 dog and all the gear. I'll let the two of them fight over the front seat. Brent is young and brave, Craig is justa big boy.

On a great note, I took some advice from one of the guys from the club. Spent an hour with Dave setting up the TT bike. Man were things out of whack. Shorter stem and seat position were changed. Will try it and see how it feels if its still not right I will go and see a guy that works with Triathelites. I wanted to do the basics with Dave just because of the loyalty but will go to a speacialist for this setup. Dave is more a mountain biker/roadie so the geometry is different on this bike. I'll try it out after the race. On the note of my setup. Real bad, felt fine when up on the bars but on the areo bars things just were ugly.

The weather is looking perfect for race day. We are supposed to get some rain tonight and tomorow which is great. Mansfield can be really dry and with this heat over the last week it would be dust central. Tempatures are in the high teens for Saturday with mainly sun. Perfect. The only downfall is that my new team jersy won't be ready for this race. The screen printer was late picking them up but I'm crossing my fingers, there is still Friday.

Oh just to tease people, I'm still on holidays and it was awesome out today, AGAIN. Maybe I should sell the company and be a bum for the summer. UMMMM maybe not.

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