Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kinda sorta not a good idea

Did time trials tonight. I think I should have taken the night off. The legs felt like crap, weak and tight, and even with the new setup on the TT bike I'm still not gaining any speed. Brien and I were chatting after the ride and he really doesnt think that a time trial bike has much advantage on this course because of the hills and I'm starting to think that he is right. Next week I'm going to bring the road bike just to try. I know that the legs felt crappy and my speed was pretty much the same as the last 3 weeks but I guess I'm just being a bit impatient. The bike did feel really good now. There was no strains anywhere but I just didn't have the pawer to go tonight. I guess that should be expected. I'm planning on taking tomorrow off and just do weights and yoga. Maybe a short recovery ride before that. The body needs to heal and recover to get stronger. Time Trialing is not what my focus is. I need to remember that, its just a training tool.

On a better note all my toys are now back at home. The race NRS is ready to roll and will have some hours put on it this weekend, The road bike is back and ready to play also. We are still waiting on the new carbon fork to come in. Thanks again Dave for getting my rides up and ready to roll so quickly.

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