Wednesday, May 16, 2007

one of those mixed days

Well the weather is crap. I like to suffer when racing and have know problem training in rain, snow, cold, wind etc but today I just wasn't into it. It was a combination of everything that kept me from riding the mountain bike at the weekly series at Hardwood. The first was that miserable rain. You know the type, that steady drizzle. Not big rain, not mist just that rain that goes to the core. Its also cold. My body also wasn't it a great mood today, my lower back has been stiff all day so between all those things I basiclly said screw it. I also didnt want to clean the bike after the race. Its running perfect right now and with the race just over a week away I figured its not worth it.

Now on a brighter note, I did ride a little bit both on the trainer and outside. Maybe a grand total of 30 minutes outside. Didn't even put on the gps or heartrate moniter. It was more playing around but it was definatly needed. This did put me in a better mood though. Want to see why. LOOK BELOW!!!!!!!

It came in this afternoon and the comment Dave said got me a bit excited. The sweetest looking bike he has ever had come in. You know what, he is right. As soon as I saw it the wait was worth it. Now the only thing that is not standard on the bike are the tires. I only run Michelin Pro Race 2 tires and ya I like yellow. They are one of the fastest tires you can get and for the price they are the fastests.

Dave and I stared at it and went over all the details that Giant has added to this thing. Wow did they ever spend time on this thing. This isnt even the top bike which is amazing. So after drooling for a few minutes I picked it up. Holy $hit. Try sub 18 pound bike with pedals etc. I will get and exact weight when I do a full review of the bike. Now I did take it out this evening and loved it. Its alot of playing around with setup though. FOr a very forward position I found it very comfortable and did take it up my favorite 15% hill that I hit in the begining of every ride. Out on the flats I picked up the pace, one word WOW!!!! This thing is fast and smooth. I can't wait to get some real miles on it. The only thing that I didn't like on the bike and this is the most minimal of things. The quick release scewers rattled. That was fixed very quickly with a set I had hanging around on the shelf. I hate rattles coming from my rides. I have zero complaints besides the scewers.

I will be on the bike tomorrow for a couple hours. I'm helping with the Tri club climbing session. Gord asked me to help some of the slower riders which will be pretty cool. I'll bring my camera and get some pics of are great climbs. I will get out early though to get some good hard Km's in to see how fast this little sucker really is. Will give you my review tomorrow. Aww the pictures below are in my favorite room. I may have to sleep in there tonight. I know that Rick got his bike tonight, something tells me he is doing the same thing. Toys are great!!!!

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Craig said...

that's some purdy bike you got there Matt!