Tuesday, May 8, 2007

First time trial of the year

Thats right, its that time of the year. Last week was timing, this week was play time. Unfortuntly it was not on the new bike but hey it will give me a base to see how much difference it will make.

Alex and I met up and did an hour warm up ride before the TT. It was a huge group tonight. Means lots of carrots on the road. Are TT course is far from flat and its got some sticky pavement in places so its defintly a technical ride. You can't just put your head down and go. I was still feeling a bit sore from the weekend but I went full out. In the end the 15.05 km course got cut up in 24:25 with an average speed of 37.1km/h> Not bad for no areo bars. In the end that was the 3rd fastest time so ya i was happy!!! Average heartrate was 184. Just a bit lower than last year but its still early season and this was my first all out effort since the icebreaker. There were a few sectons on the course where things felt like shit and I know that with TT mileage things will just get faster. I'm positve I can take off at least 30 seconds just in this one section of hills where things bogged down.

We cruised it home on Hwy 12 and then had another tease put in front of us. Red light goes green and looky whats here in front of us. A dump truck, can we say draft!!!! People were looking a bit funny as Alex and I were crusing along at 60 km/h. I normally hate dump truck etc when in the car but love them on the bike.

So in the end it was a 2:13 on the bike and 64.4 km with cool down. Alex is a great person to climb with. We agg each other on especially in the climbs where one will pick it up just a bit more over the other to bring a little hurt. He's a very strong climber. Hopefully we can train together more often since we do push each other.

Tommorow brings another push workout. I'll be at Hardwood for the wednesday night series. Great competition there. Hopefully I can get around an hour in before the race starts. Its time to get the body used to hard race pace. Should be fun!!!!

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