Saturday, May 12, 2007

Bring the pain!!!!!!

Yep thats the type of ride it was. So after an off night on friday, that still included an upperbody workout and yoga, it was the weekend. I was on the bike at 8:30 and the pain started right off the back. Holy crap was it cold. Now they had called for mainly sun and 16. Well they lied, like usual. I was definatly underdressed but was more prepared for a quick tempeture change. I had a 6 hour ride planned so I was dressed more for later in the day. Big mistake. It was better to be climbing today, less wind chill.

Needless to say but I pushed on and got an hour and a half in before I met up the club. Average heartrate was 142 and averaged 28 km/h. Now the next stage of pain started. We had a pretty tough route setup for the day with 2 flat sprints and one hill climb sprint. We kept a pretty good pace going up champlain road when the hills started. That split the pack up really quickly. At the park Kevin and I went back to help pull dropped riders back in the pack. A few decided to pace themselves so no Kevin and i had to work out asses off to catch the pack. More pain. Running reverse paceline we smoked up the road in the high 40's and a few mintes later caught the pack and our breath. Kevin is a powerhouse!!

The first sprint was a tough run with a couple km's of climbing and Brien bumping up the pace to 40 plus km/h. In the end it was Brien in first, myself second and Tim 3rd for the points. We looped down to the water and along tiny beach road. The next points run was at the top of a crazy steep hill. It wasnt very long, maybe half to 3/4 of a kilometre but at 8 percent steeping to 14 percent. I debated about going so talked with Brent telling him to go hard at it. At the base he went followed by Brandon. Everyone else hesitated as they took 100 feet on us. It was totally seat of my pants but I switched a gear, stood up and powered up the hill passing Brent and Brandon at a rate that I knew they wouldnt be able to grab my wheel. As I got to the crest of the hill I looked back and had a huge lead ont he group. Lucky cause I was hurting. I saw 196 on the heartrate but was still pushing. Ended up me, Brandon then Brent for points.

The final point line was in the town of Perkinsfield at the town sign. Its a tough run in with some rough pavement and a small hill. Brien again drove the pace up high and guys fell off left and right. At 1 Km out there were five of us left and Brandon made one of those hero moves and went early. Really early, I figured we would suck him back in but no one worked together and he managed to hold on to the line. I was in fourth as we vrested the hill with Kevin about 50 feet ahead. Doesnt sound like a far distance but when your legs feel like they are ready to blow apart its like reaching for the moon. I someone got up on the pedals and caught then passed him 20 feet before the line. A point is a point and stealling is fun.
Ended up Brandon, Brien then me.

At the end of the group ride we were at 81 km at 30.5km average. Not bad for the tempeture and the wind. I contined my ride and decided to shorten things up today. I was tired and sore. So the final total was 4:35 on the bike at 29 km average and the heartrate at 146. Things seem lower by the numbers but it was tough today.

Well tomorrow is another day. The mind is not working well tonight. Need my bed.

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