Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The things that happen on a ride

Well it was back to real training tonight. I was a bit draggy when I got in from work. Things have been crazy busy and its taken a bit of a toll on my energy. I shouldn't complain to much though. I was able to get out on the bike just after 5 which meant no time restraints of daylight. Picked a great route with a big mix of terrain.

The first 40 minutes was pretty much a warm up even though I was averaging 32 km an hour with out major effort. Gotta love good pavement. From there I headed up Vasey line. This is a cruel road. Bad pavement with lots of momentum killing cracks and patches. Oh did I mention the 3.4km long climb with the start of it being at 15 percent. The picture below is close to the top where it levels off a bit.

This was the route for the day.

After playing on Vasey line started down county road 93. Talk about a mean wind. I stopped getting made at the wind. Can't change it so deal with it. So as I can in to Wyebridge I saw this out the corner of my eye and had to stop.

When all was said and done it was a 2 hour 9 minutes and 64 km. Average heart rate was 158 with a spike up over 200 a couple times. With the stinky helment award starting this weekend I mixed in a couple town line sprints. The one going into Vasey was teh hardest as it was just over the top of a long climb. Hopefully I can take a few sprints. I think it will be Brien and I battling it out at the end of the year overall. Its all fun.

So the latest update on my TT bike is its still in ASIA. They are still having some manufacturing issues. The only thing that makes me feel better is that some Giant factory riders are still waiting for theirs. The latest time line is end of next week. I've just need to stop being anxious for it. YA RIGHT!!!!!!

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