Thursday, May 17, 2007

UUMMMM UMMMMM SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I got out and played on the Trinity today. It wasnt a great ride to test it though but regardless it gave me a chance to tweak setting and get used to its layout. The first 40 minutes of the ride I was stop constantly ajust here and moving there. I tried to go off my other bikes for measurements as a base but its still comes down to feel. Raise the seat 1 millimetre to much and I can feel it. Because of the aches and pains with my back, knee, along with legs being pushed all the time I can feel in only a few turns if somthing is not right. I have things where I feel I am getting max power but yet very comfortable. I know there is the formula for perfect fitting but the dos is also great at telling you what feels good, what feels strong and what feels right. It also tells you when things don't.

Ok back to the bike. I was limited on how much I could open up with it since it was a club group ride and we did what we could to regroup after every big hill. This through the numbers off because of the soft pedalling till we regrouped. I basiclly turned the ride into intervals. For a TT bike it climbs very well. It took a bit to get used to the shifting and being in the areo bars but I'm finding it very comfortable now. This thing is smooth though, Areas where I would be shaking on the my road bike this thing eliminates it. I wasnt sure on the wheels being a company I didn't know much about but I find them very quick and rigid. I'm looking forward to getting some major K's on this so I can give you a better review. I also want to get it on the TT course to see the difference so I will elaberate on this review in the very near future. Also I'm tired and I dont feel like thinking or typing much tonight.

One day left till my holidays. I need them, Things have been nuts and trying to get things cleaned up before holidays has been difficult. Last year was our biggest year ever, I beat Dad's best ever income. The best respect I can ever give my father is making sure that I beat him. Teachers always want their students to become better than they where. Well I'm working on it Dad. I still can't beat 30 years of knowledge BUT the new stuff out there I'm teaching other techs how to diagnosis and fix. I'm also goign to be forced to expand with atleast 1-2 more techs in the next couple years. I can only be in so many places at a time. I'll deal with that when the time comes. K my brain is dead weight for the night. I have a masage in the morning so its off to be. Come on Holidays!!!


The Vegan Vagabond said...

enjoy your time off and your new bike. looks pretty sweet!

Anonymous said...

Looks fast Chum. I've got my pedals now, got the Looks in the end after long research, it came down to Quattro SL and Looks, got the Looks since they are a little lighger and are 3 hole for my Sidi's. Yeehaa, i'll let you know...