Monday, May 28, 2007

The day after

A great quote from a song "Its the Sunday morning after and who the hell are you?" Ya I'm defintly tired. Sunday was pretty much a right off. I'm glad I took the Monday as my last day of holidays. Sunday was pretty mellow. I was up at 7, well sort off. Went back to bed and finally dragged my butt out of bed when I heard Craig call out "Ready for breakfast?" It was raining which actually put a smile on my face. When its crappy out I don't feel guilty about hiding on the couch. Ya well that changed quickly.

Craig was on his way home around 11. I loaded up the backup GIANT NRS on the car and drove, YES drove to the bike path for a recovery ride. Talk about pitiful but I just didn't feel like dealing with hills. Molly got her run in also. From there it was back to the couch. It did start raining again so I didnt mind. That was pretty much my day, sleep for a couple hours clean the race bike, sleep for a few more hours, update the site, sleep somemore. Do you see a pattern here?

I've been watching the scale to make sure the body weight is going back to normal. Its been steady eating all day. I had some bad cramps in the middle of the night Saturday, I've had it happen before after a race. The post race food has changed for me and its finding what can be absorbed easily. Besides that the body doesnt feel that bad considering. Today will be a full hour of yoga to pop things back in line.

We are now 1 month away from Chico Racing 24 Summer Solstice. This is defintly the race to be strong for. Rick and I are returning to this as a tag team with hopes of a podium position again. We were 3rd in 2005 and 6th in 2006 as a team. This is a race that we have a very strong chance of winning. I have to make sure I'm as strong as possible. My training will now focus on shorter harder rides to build power, More hill repeats and sprints but also more recovery time. This week will be pretty mellow though. I will be at the Time Trials tomorrow but not sure what type of effort I will put in.

I talked to Rick last night and he will be sending me a review of both the Anthem 1 and the TCR A1. He loves the bikes so I will get that up as soon as it comes in.

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