Sunday, May 20, 2007

Strange day

In the end it was a great day but it started off pretty rough. Eating my normal big ride meal things went strange. Started sweating and got dizzy. It kinda spooked me. I was thinking "great I'm going to get sick a week before the race". This was at 9 and the group was meeting at 10. I had in my mind now that I wouldn't be riding and went and layed down for a bit hoping it would pass.

About 30 inutes later I was feeling better but still not sure what set this off so changed plans and thought I would just ride by myself in case I had to cut things short. The big chute loop has no way of cutting out early and with my little head spin was concerned. Well my plan changed again. I got about 10 minutes out of town when I ran into another cyclist that was asking for directions for a good loop. Well raced back home dropped off the TT and grabbed the road bike and off to the club ride with the new guy. I will say this guy was a brave soul riding road with no helmet. To many stupid drivers out there for me.

I was still feeling off at the begining of the ride but just dealt with it. We kept a pretty good pace and everyone was in a great mood. It was a beautiful day. Now this is where I knew there was going to be problems. An hour into the ride I was getting hungry. This is not like me I can usually ride for 3 plus on my reserves without any problems. I cranked back a gel knowing that the first sprint was coming up in 4-5km. Tim and Kevin were the boys to beat today. As the spring got closer Kevin the sneaky bugger blocked me in the pack. Tim went and I chased him down with Kevin on my wheel. A quick regroup and then Kevin went I chased him down but was running out of distance as Tim swung around me to steal second place from me. Awww 1 point is better than none and the boys new that they couldnt work with me or I would have taken it all. I was happy with my performnce at that point being able to chase both guys down even though I would have liked to have taken that sprint.

We stopped at the store at the big chute and I ate a couple choclate bars, I normally dont like them all that much but I knew I would need the energy. We cruised along to Coldwater which was an hour away. The pack sees a cyclist about half a km a head and wanted to eat him up. The pace was smoking and as we passed this guy couldnt believe his pace on a mountain bike. So as Coldwater approached everyone started focusing on the big climb. Its about 2.5 km and I train on this hill all the time. At the base of the hill everyone gets on my wheel. This is the points i wanted. Ya well things changed here. I could feel my legs getting pissed off. I'm not sure if it was from the morning issues which didnt allow me to eat all my breakfast, a hydration issue or the results of the massage the day before but I knew something wasnt right.

I set the pace fairly high and looked back a couple times in the first 1/2 km up the hill. I dropped everyone but Tim. I kept the pace there. I started listening to Tim's breathing and glanced at my heartrate moniter. I was only in the high 170s and I could here Tim's breathing getting harder and harder. I so wanted to go but could feel the legs ready to cramp at anytime. I let Him go around me and thought that I would pace off him but things just kept feeling off. At the next pitch Tim took a big lead on me and I just backed things down to make sure I could get to the top. Unfotunatly I ended up 3rd again on a climb that I normally smoke up.

Now the story of the climb came from Brent. Apparently half way up the hill his cell phone rang. He kept climbing and answered it telling his mother that he was on the hardest climb of the day and he would call here back.

Well finished up with the club with 4 hours, got home, grabbed some food another bottle and the TT bike. Put in another hour and a bit in. So far I really love this bike. I am changing the seat though. My skinny ass needs a bit more padding and this seat is just not something I want to spend huge hours on.

I could feel all evening my legs would cramp at anytime. Its going to be a week of yoga to get things all in line for the race. Lets see what today brings. I meeting up with Josh in about an hour to get some mountain biking in. Miss Molly will get her run in also. From there will be 3 hours on the TT bike. I'll see who wants to come with for the road. I'm either going to to the same loop as yesterday or go to Wasaga. Well time to get ready, lets hope the food issues doesnt happen today.

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