Friday, May 18, 2007

Wooo Hoooo

Ok so I'm in a happy place now. Its Friday night and I'm officially on holidays. They have started out pretty good. Had a massage this morning before work. A bit of pain but the benfits are more important. Work, well work is work, I will have to stop in at the office for about 20 minutes on tuesday to order parts but thats minor. I got home cracked open a beer and that started it.

I really debated about taking the Tt bike out for arun but I'm not messing with my training plan. Plus I just wanted the rest. So its all about relaxing. I just came in from watching a movie in the backyard. Its still cool to see the setup. Come on over sometime to enjoy. I will be back at it tomorrow though.

Group ride is the big chute loop. There are 2 sprint lines for this ride. As much as I want to take out the new toy I will be on my road bike. For climbing but more so for sprinting its still the ride of choice. One of the points lines is a great climb coming out of coldwater on vasey line. I know this hill very well. Brent does also and has said he wants to go for points on it. I'm planning on taking it.

The group ride should be around 120km so I plan on grabbing the TT bike right after and put on another 40-60km. I really want to play with it and see how fast it really is. The other option is to leave early on it and get back switch bikes and meet the club on route to the chute. Either way it will be fun.

Anyways its off to bed. The sun comes up early now.

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