Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I QUIT!!!!!! Just till the weekend

Yep I'm staying off the biketill the weekend. It was really dumb to to the Time Trials last night. I know it but I didn't fully listen to my body. I went for an hour recovery ride then spent an hour stretching and the hamstrings are pissed off at me. I'm going to spend the next couple days stretching things out and if things are even questionable I may take part of the weekend off or shorten up the ride. I am not concerned about a few extra rest days. I'm not going to go from peak shape to fat in 4 days. I think I will still be able to get up the hills!!!

Recovery is as important as actual training. Your body heals and gets stronger in this time. Also your body will tell you when to push and when not to. My body said get the #&!$ off the bike. I'm now listening.

With all that said my tip of the day. Mountain bike tubes suck!!!!! Go tubeless. Now to step it up one. Stan's notube sealant is the next thing to add to your need to use race gear. Put a bottle of this in your tires and you will never ever flat again. Ok let me rephrase that. If you slice your tire open a couple inchs a tube isn't going to save you either. The sealant will seal up almost any other type of punture instantly. This eliminates carrying the extra weight of a tube, pump and irons. It also will save you a few mintues and lots of frustration during your race.

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Craig said...

When your tire does finally blow, and it will, you'll be covered in pancake batter! Yuk!