Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The mind was willing the body, well thats another story

Well it was the first night to put the Trinity to the test. Well the mind was there and the bike was ready to play. My body on the other hand. I figure it was just fatigue. All told it was over 11 hours of riding this weekend and with not taking the rest day yesterday it caught up. The bike is really fast though and I did have a pretty fast time averaging just over 36km/h There is still lots of fine tuning to be done on it.

My quads were killing almost right from the start. The next 3 days of rest will be great. The bike is still having its new bike quirks as the cables stretch but it is really quick. One section I was pushing over 50km/h.

I should have know that it would have been pushing things tonight but hey, the new toy needs to be played with. Now on another note, had one of those great pre race scares this morning. 5 am I wake up needing a drink. As I roll out of bed I slame my left ankle into the bed frame. Real nice way to wake up. Grabbed the ice pack right away and stretched it out as best I could. Not what I wanted to have happen but I was lucky that I missed the joint.

Well it will be off to Dave at Georgian Cycle in the morning to drop off most of my bikes. The race NRS1 will get a once over and a new bottom bracket. The Trinity will get some minor tweaks along with a new seat, The OCR is going to be pimped out even more. Carbon fork and seat post for sure. It needs a major overhaul with cassete, BB, even shifter casing are starting to wear through. Well it does have around 25 000 km on it. Not bad for a 4 year old bike.

I will hopefully have a few pictures of the Trinity in action to post up.

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