Monday, May 14, 2007

Things to come

No thats not my TT bike but its the closest thing to it right now. I picked up Rick Giant TCR Alliance A1. Talk about a sweet bike for its price. Retail is around the $1600-1700 mark and you get alot of bike for that. Shimano 105 components, 10 speed rear, carbon seat post and forks and mixed frame. The A1 has the rear triangle and top tube carbon with the down tube and chain stays alumininum. The cool thing is that this thing is about under 18 pounds with no pedals. In other words its lighter than my highly modified Giant OCR2 that is full Ultegra and Mavic wheels. Giant has stepped it up again.

On that note of improvements, I'm still waiting for Rick to give me a review on the Anthem 1. This is another amazing bike from Giant. I ride the NRS 1 for racing and Rick's 2007 Anthem 1 is a half step down in level of componets and is at the same weight as my race NRS. Oh did I mention that the retail on an Anthem 1 is only $2300 and its over double that to replace the NRS Thats sweet for a 24 pound full suspension bike. With the right wheel set up that could easily be a 22 pound bike.

The TCR will be in transit to Rick and I'll get a review on it as soon as I can from him. I think he is going to $hit his pants when he sees it. I have to admit that I'm getting really anxious to see my Trinity. We are hoping for it to be in for tommorow and of course its Time Trial night. I know that the wheels will be a bit slow for the first bit but hey the only way to get them moving fast is to ride them.

Ok, so something that I have to put out to everyone who rides alot. How are you not sore? This is going to be blunt. I've tried everything from keeping the boys down below happy from dry to lube to shaving etc. I'm sorry but things are not always happy in my happy place. Anyone who has come up with the miracle cure please speak up. I love to suffer while riding BUT not this type of suffer. SPEAK UP because I'm definatly not the only one dealing with this. Now I have found that Gold Bond does help during a race but its more training that is the issue.


Josh said...

Dude...shammy cream. Use what the pro's use. It's tough to find, but get yourself a little tub of Assos Chamoin creme. Soooooo soothing...aaahhhh! In a pinch I'll ride with bodyglide on the chamois, but usually it's chamois creme for every ride.

That, and a good saddle. I notice that you still have that crappy WTB saddle that came stock on your Giant. It's a crappy $20 saddle...for the amount of time you spend on your ass, get a good saddle. Ron at Velocity has a nice fleet of saddles that he'll let you try - it's worth it to try some instead of using what other people use. I went through 8 saddles last year until I tried one that was perfect. It's amazing how some feel terrible, and some feel great. You don't know how bad yours is until you try a bunch.

matt said...

I don't get the pain on the mountain bike only on the road bike and my seat is so sweet on the road bike. I'll definatly look into the chamois cream, I have tried body glide.

Thanks for the tip Josh