Monday, May 21, 2007

complete opposite

This morning was awesome. The complete opposite of yesterday. Josh emailed me last night and said he was in for another ride in Toms forest for the this morning. He's a good guy to ride with. Get soem good converstations going during the ride and it nice that Im not waiting for him. He can keep pace even as the milage racks up which is a nice change. With out sounding bad, I hate waiting.

Can you belive the Triliums

Molly was still wired from the day before. I figured today if we could bump up the time she would be tired near near the end. Ya well I'll get to that answer later. It was awesome out today. Great tempature, no wind and the sun was shinning. We did a couple different loops and all told ended up at two and a half hors of ride time. Tom's forest is awesome. Fast and flowy.

I spent the afternoon relaxing with a beer and cleaning most of the bikes. I grew the most amazing tree in the back yard. It doesnt spit out cash but this is the next best thing.

It was another fun day, I'm glad to be on holidays this week. It will be a pretty mellow week for riding. Time trials tomorrow and that is about is till the race on saturday...There will be lots of yoga over the next couple days to keep me grounded.

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