Friday, May 4, 2007

As old as you feel?

So I turned 34 today. Not really a big deal. Hell I'm in better shape now than I was a 24. Now I did get a couple cool birthday presents that were spread out over the week. The first is the theatre which I enjoyed again tonight. The latest gift was from Giant. My TT bike is in Canada!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo should have it sometime next week.

It was a rest day from training but still did good old fashion work in the backyard. The earlier I get all the backyard landscaping done the more time I can either train or sit and enjoy it. Tomorrow will be one of those days. If things go well I should be on the bike by 8ish, mett up with the club around 10 and be home around 2. THats the plan, around 6 hours on the bike. The afternoon will be pretty mellow. Why Because I will be tired.

Keeping the rubber side down!!!!

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Craig said...

Hey! Happy Belated Birthday Matt!