Thursday, May 3, 2007

Another fun day

Ok, so I'm distracted from my new bike. I got the movie theatre up and running and am currently sitting in the backyard watching a dave matthews concert on a 6 foot screen. UMMMM SWEET!!!!!!!! Ok before you think I slacked of today I did an hour twenty five on the bike today on a shorter loop of yesterdays ride. Legs felt pretty good. 35km full out and a 5 km cool down. Rest day tommorow before the 6 hours on saturday.

So out on the ride today I was thinking on what are some great tips for endurance racers. So first off, its all about energy conservation. Climbing is a big thing. Don't let your body rock on hard climbs Shift up a gear. Also in mountain biking its better to stay seated climbing for traction. On the road bike stick to the same practice. I know I can pick up the pace if I stand on a tough climb and I do this racing road but when it comes to base for a 24 solo I stay seated as much as I can. I also set my road bike to mirror my mountain bikes. Makes it easier to transition from one to the other. I also spend as much time riding in an upright position on the hoods when on the road bike. Its much closer to the position of the mountain bike.

Now the normal common sense training tips. If you want to become a strong climber, CLIMB HILLS. If you want to sprint with the big boys get some drugs!!!! Just kidding. Things that can help with this though is researching the course. Knowing what it up ahead makes things so much easier. I think this applies to all racing. If you don't know ab out that last killer hill before the sprint or near the end of a lap and you hammer to soon you won't have anything at the finish.

Well like usual I could type more BUT I'll save it for another night. Tonight is a movie night.

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Josh said...

Let's see a picture of the theatre...with a Tour DVD on the screen, of course.