Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sweet day

So its Mothers Day and Mother nature responded. What a beautiful day. I did spend time with Mom this afternoon. I did get out and play today also. Miss Molly and I were off early to ride Tom's forrest for a couple hours. I was on the mountain bike around 9:30ish trying to chance down the dog. Molly was pumped to be out playing. I had woken up with both knees bothering me and had some concerns but once I was out there everything softened up and felt great. Tom's is a faster more flowy trail system which is great training for Mansfield in 2 weeks.

I finally have the headphone issue figured out for my mp3 player. Now its coming up with the play lists. Molly and I hammered for the first hour then she started to slow a bit and of course I went the other way getting into a rythem. She is stubborn and kept going. I've seen her do 45 km in 2 hours so its just getting her back in shape for trail riding. I felt awesome and had a smile on my face the whole time. All said in done 2 hours of trails.

Molly pretty much slept the drive back and I was still feeling energetic so emptied the car refilled some bottles and jumped on the road bike. I had in mind about a 2 hour ride but that changed pretty quickly. So I fell to the evil that I haven't done in a long time. I wore my mp3 out on the road. I normally don't but was so into the music on the trail ride that I just kept it on. ON LOW!!!! With that came the change in distance. Someone had mentioned the Big Chute Loop yesterday and wondered the shape of it. Well I went to find out. It was a perfect tempeture with the sun and wind. Basiclly the perfect day. Three and a quarter hours later I was back with another 95km in. All told for the day was just over 5 hours of riding. Unfortunatly I forgot my camera when I left for the chute, next time.

Molly has been totally sweet since I've been home. SHe was totally exhausted and is sleeping right now. She is the biggest suck when she is tired. She still is the best training partner, this was a rare time that she lost her energy before I did. Running and skiing I can't keep up with her.

On another note, I'm having some concerns with support for the 8 hour race. Mom will be in P.E.I. for this race so I'm hoping to find someone to help out. I think I have someone. One of the guys from the Tri Club has offered. There will be 3 others from the club racing. Brandon is goign to be there but I think he is coming in a bit unprepared for this race. Last year he bonked and Mom was able to get him back up and moving. She knows all the right words to do it. Nicol and Josh are also racing. The husband and wife thing. They are both Ironman so the distance isnt a problem for them. Not sure if they will ride together or not. Josh is a faster rider than Nicole in short races, not sure there game plan. Not to worried about those three. I'm pushing for a top 5 finish so support is allmost mandatory. I don't plan on being off the bike for anymore than 3-4 minutes over the whole race. Now someone I will be watching is Craig. He is strong but if he is preping for 24 hours his pace may be slower in the bas zone which means I shouldnt see him to much. He is a strong rider. Rick was going to come down and race but he and my sister are in the final stages of selling the house and moving.

I've seen the long range weather and right now its looking pretty nice with sun/cloud predicted for that weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Happy Mothers Day!!!!!!!!

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Craig said...

I've been flying! Ha ha ha ha

Don't worry about the support, I'm doing it totally unsupported. It's a training ride.