Saturday, May 5, 2007


It was another ramp up weekend. I was on the road bike at 8am and headed out towards Coldwater with a loop along Quarry road. The club was meeting at 10 so that gave me a solid 2 hours. Kept things pretty sane witha 29.5 average for 2 hours.

Now the fun begins. Meet up with the group at the school. It was great turn out today with 20 riders. It was also a strong group which meant a better ride. The plan was to go to Wasaga Beach by way of Tiny Beach Road. Itw a nice run and of course we had the tail wind for the ride out. Worry about the return trip when it happens.

This was also the start of our interclub competion. The Stinky Helmet Award. The first sprint was the Wasaga town line. I got caught at the back of the pack and it was a late burst for the line. If I would have had 200 more meters I would have caught the 3 in front. Awww well there was that same sprint line on the return trip. We made teh cruise out along golf course road and then eventually making it back to the main beach where I have never seen so many riders run for the washroom.

Once we all regrouped we picked up the pace again. The next sprint line was the Tiny sign. Lets just say I wanted this one bad. I'm not sure who went first but I just kept grabbing a wheel till around 300 meters then swung out. This is a hard sprint because the sign is around the corner so you have to keep hammering blind. I pulled away from everyone except Brien but was able to hold him off as well.

The final sprint was the Midland sign. This one I knew I was out of. There was a bit of confussion going up the one concession and most of us thought we would regroup at teh stop sign before the final run to the sign. It didn't happen and everyone blew apart. There was a crazy wind which hurt everyone. Except for the 4 riders that broke free everyone was on there own and no one tried to regroup and catch them. Aww there is always next week.

So the numbers for the day. 89 km with the group at 31 km/h average and an average heartrate of 148. Grand total 6 hours. 5 hour 35 minutes of hard riding with a total of 167 km and then a 20 minute cool down at a speed that is almost like coasting. The legs felt great overall. I had planned on mountain biking in the morning but I have a cracked rad house in the subaru so it's shop bound on monday. I'm thinking I will do the big chute loop instead which is a 90 km loop and then take the mt bike just around the rails here with the dog after.

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