Sunday, May 6, 2007

The best training partner

Another awesome day for riding. After some quick debating I loaded the NRS1 in the Element along with the dog and raced down to Copeland forest. I havent been on the mountain bike since the Icebreaker and figured I better get the mind and eyes working again. I also had to check on the bike. Dave stripped it right down after the race and like usual did an amazing job. The bike worked flawlessly.

I don't ride Copeland very often so I really don't know the trail systems so I was heading out blind. Molly was so excited to be out running in the trails again. The only downfall with mountain biking is fluids. You can only carry so much and I hate camelbacks. I have 5 hanging on the wall and very rarely use them. With that I kept the ride fairly short at an hour and a half. From there I went home, dropped the dog off and switched bikes. Another hour fourty five on the road bike with some good climbs mixed in.

It was awesome being on the mountain bike again. Took a little to get the eyes working again but the feel came back pretty quick. Its a rest day for me so I'll be doing some yoga after work and then spend a bit of time tuning bikes. I'll be doing the Time Trials tommorow night and the Hardwood Hill Weekly Race series on Wednesday night. Need to get some mt bike racing in before the first 8 hour.

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