Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another fun day but who turned off the heat?

Much better today. Had a great day riding but man was it cold. The plan was to meet up with Josh at 8 am to ride in Tom's forest for a couple hours. Well to start things off I ate my regular breakfast and had zero problems. I still don't know what caused that dizzy spell but its gone so move on. We got down to the trail head around 9 amd started out fairly sane. It was cold and the wind was so strong that you could actually feel it in the bush. Molly was wired and ready to play.

After the first loop Josh was having problems with his rear wheel so we had to call it quits early. It was still an hour but I was hoping to get more time in but not at the expense of parts. Molly of course was so pumped up so that took some time for her to settle. She is still wired tonight.

Got back and cleaned the NRS and did some work in the backyard. Still cold out but made a couple calls and got Tim and Brent in for a ride. Wasaga Beach was the destination. Unfortuantly with the cold there would be no bikinis today. More like parkas. Now the good thing with this ride would be the milage on the Trinity.

Ok I love this thing. I'm still getting the fine details on the setup and dealing with cables stretching but man is this thing fast and smooth. SO here is the speal on this bike. Its a half carbon half aluminum frame with areo carbon seatpost and fork. Easton bars, FSA crank running 53/39 and an 11-25 rear on a set of XERO XGR-3 lites. Ultegra derailers and dura-ace shifters. Pretty sweet for the entry level TT bike with a retail price of around $2600. I've changed out the tires to Michelin Pro Race 2 tires and Look KEO Sprint pedals. The only compliants i've had with it where the rattling scewers. I found that really weird but I also hate any noises coming from my bikes. The only other thing is the seat. I'm sorry but my skinny unpadded ass and this seat do not mix well. Its a bit to rigid for me so it will be changed out. For TT it would work awesome but for 4-5 hour rides I like something witha bit more padding. Everyones butt is diferent so don't hold this againt the bike. The wheels are very fast and smooth and the carbon mix is so awesome. Every road felt like perfect pavement. It handles the corners very well and its stable at high speeds for a bike with such quick handling. I've been at over 80km an hour on a decent already and felt very much in control. Climbing is smooth both in the areo bars or out on the bars. Its a bit different for me to ride in the areo bars or reach to shift while climbing but I'm adjusting quickly.
Anyone looking for a Time Trial bike or Triathletes in the market this is definatly a ride to look at. The next level up has a better wheel set but as most racers have a set of race wheels the Trinty A1 is definatly the bike of choice.

Back to the ride. The wind from this morning got stronger. As we spun through the beach we were fighting not to be knocked over. Some quick food and we made the run back. Brent started getting a bit tired and was not fully recovered from the ride the day before. Awww it toughens him up. It was a pretty un eventful ride and I finished up at 3.5 hours. It was great getting some time in on the new bike. I can't wait till Time Trials Tuesday. Its been a great weekend so far for training and I'm going to go mountian biking again tomorrow morning just to get Molly out for a good run. For tonight though its going to be a beer and a bath.

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Josh said...

The rear wheel is fixed...I hope. I had to take the hub fully apart - looks like I had an inner pawl that that was sticking (spring was gunked up) so I cleaned it up, lubed the freehub assembly and axle, and put it back together. I took it out for a little test ride afterwards and so far, so good. I need to get some good mileage in on it Monday to see the the problem is gone. Back to Tom's forest...those trails were awesome.