Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The tune of a different bike.

No skinny wheels tonight. Did my first night at the Hardwood Hills race series for the season. All in all I am happy with my results and was glad I went and played. When I got home tonight it was raining a little and I was in one of those HMMM maybe I should just sit on the couch moods. Manged to kick my but out the door and cruised down. Because of the training I've been doing it takes along time for me to get warmed up but manged to get around 30 minutes in. Of course they layed fresh wood chips and hay down in the first half kilometre. The bastards!!!! Nothing like maxing out the heartrate right from go. I had in my mind to keep things pretty sane since the legs were still tired from the weekend and the time trial last night. Ya well that plan changed. I stayed in the lead of the second pack and probably had 25 riders ahead of me. I wasnt to worried. By mid way through the course I had passed 6-7 riders from the lead group and was finally coming into my rythem.

I'm definatly an endurance guy because as others start falling off and getting tired I just start feeling good. With less than a KM left I had passed over half that lead pack and had one guy left in my sights. I figured if it came down to a sprint for the line I would be able to take him. I should have but uncontrollable circumstances pushed me into the soft section of the final sprint and killed my momentum and he manged to get a bike length on me. Awww its still all for fun.

In the end I finshed 12th overall and top in my age bracket. The body felt not to bad considering. Average heartrate was 181 with a peak of 194. I really felt good at the end of the race and with more time I would have pulled in more riders. The techinical riding started coming back along with the focus needed to read terrian. Next week should be a bit quicker. I hope!! The course is short, only 10.5 km but still fun and fast.

Tommorow will be a calmer ride at base pace giving the body a chance to recover before the weekend.



Craig said...

Don't you hate those wood chips!?!

Anonymous said...

Those freakin' wood chips --- they're dangerous, I tell you. You come bombing out of the singletrack at the end of the race, and have to hang on for dear life when you hit a pile of fresh chips.

matt said...

Ya wood chips are for the graden not the trail.