Friday, December 28, 2007

Bring the pain baby!!!! It was test day. So it was 18 days ago since my last test which was pretty messed up. Long story but this one came out right. So where am I at. Lots of things went up and a few things went down. Wattage was up. It was up 20 plus watts and I stopped things early. I shut myself down at 199 bpm.

Because of the hip and alignment problems my pedal rotation, mainly with my right leg is way out of whack. My right quad and I.T. band started to really hurt but yet I still had lots of power in the left leg. I should have just unclipped my right foot and kept going. If you were to watch the rotation you could see the notchy rotation when the right leg comes around. Well this is where Dr. Cameron comes in. I see him Monday at the gym at we will go over all the results and what is going on. I know that once this hip knee alignment problem is resolved there will be a major jump in power.

Heartrates are also way up. Lets just say that zone 3 is really going to hurt. Hell even where zone 2 is now is going to hurt alot. Looks like I'm going to be looking for the deep snow if I want to mix it into training.

So the down parts of the test. Down a pound even after all the big christmas meals and the excess of wine and beer. The next was body mass. Down to 12.4 percent, this also made me happy. I like to be happy!!!!! Happy is good.

So overall I am very happy with the results. I'll be scheduling another test in about a month and am hoping to have some body issues resolved by then. Thanks to Heather for beating the crap out of me at her place with her toy. Compu trainer may be an investment in the future. Tomorrow is another day. Hopefully the weather is forgiving enough to ride outdoors.

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