Thursday, December 13, 2007

I few things are starting to appear. After the blow up test I have really looked at pedal rotation and body position on the bike. My road bike has not changed in 3 years but my body has in the last couple months. Everything is out of whack.

My body is pretty twisted up right now because of the combination of the broken rib a couple months ago, the body over compensating for my right knee and the addition of weight training. Of course I had backed off on the yoga a bit over the last little while too. What does this mean. Stretch dammit. I'm usually very good at putting the time in but obviously I need to increase the time. I do have a massage on Friday and need to get in to see Dr. Cameron for some major manipulation.

Things that started to set me off on this. Riding no hands on the rollers and the bike would tip to the left and more of my right butt cheek was on the seat. Yep not good. The muscle imbalance is getting a bit better and there is less knee diving in my pedal rotation but this twisted distorted body is really screwing up my balance.

Its not as obvious when I'm on the road because of many factors but the rollers don't lie. Well just one more thing to work on. Gym bound tonight. Looking forward to a recovery week scheduled for the Christmas break.

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